One Day Training For Real Estate Investing!

June 15, 2013 Saturday 

Is this your situation?

No Credit!

No Money!

Learn how to negotiate without negotiating!

 Under stand how to hypnotically speak to get what you need!

Neuro- Linguistic Programming will be discussed.

There will be role playing and hands on negotiation.

Would you like to over come all of these excuses?
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Personal Discovery
Managing Emotional Control
Self discipline
Working with Difficult people
Goal Setting


Asset Preservation

Self Esteem

Self Discipline
Communication Skills

Unacceptable Work Behavior

Building Relationship Strategies
Getting Your Finances Together

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 Life Coach
Eye Opening Presentations and Life Changing Oppertunities

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1.  Wholesale 201 Bus Trip
2.  Real Estate Investing
3.  Wholesale 101
4.  Mentoring 3 Day For 12 People
5.  On Line Coaching
6.  On Line Coaching Sign Up
Wholesale 201 Bus Trip
July 27-28, 2013

Real Estate Investing
August 24, 2013

Mentoring for 12 People only
Sept 13-15

Wholesale 101
Sept 28, 2013

On line Coaching Sign up Fee

Monthly Fee For Coaching

Real Estate Training

As an entrepreneur, he sharpened his skills in dealing with people, investments, and money. By Russ constantly strengthening his business skills he can provide you problem-solving skills, creative financing, overcoming blocks, continuing to learn, developing your business, sales and people skills. Once you become dedicated to your success and goals, you will require this level of knowledge. After you have become a  life long learner, your self development, and business profits, will become easy to achieve. The real personal and business growth can only come for a when the education and tools are repeated, reinforced, and implemented. Until the skills provided are a habit,  your success is in jeopardy.

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Confidentiality Guaranteed! 


Business Training


Goal Setting

Asset Preservation

Communication Skills


Raisng Private Money

Self Discipline

Managing Unacceptable 
Work  Behaviors

Relationship &
Sales Strategies

Marketing In 2011

Emotional Control

Self Discipline

Managing Difficult People

Real Estate Investing 101, 202, Or 900
  • Wholesale
  • Foreclosure
  • Short Sales
  • Using Other People'sOther People's Money
  • Notes And Deeds
  • Commercial
  • Creative Financing
  • Buy, Fix and Sell
  • Buy and Hold 
  • Lease Option  Commercial Real Estate 101, 202  or 900l. 
  • Buying Notes Mortages and Tax Leins

    Working wIth Disrespectful people




 If you Don't See what you want
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Confidentiality Guaranteed!


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